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Part 1: The workflow for a successful credit repair business
Part 1: The workflow for a successful credit repair business
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In this article, we want to share a visual overview of the credit repair process. We will also share some articles related to each step of the process in case you want to start exploring specific topics.

In this article, you will learn about:

To start, make sure you have the following:

Workflow for a successful credit repair business

Truth is, nearly 8 out of 10 Credit Reports have errors! It is no surprise that the three credit reporting agencies are often the top three most complained-about companies to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The vast majority of complaints involve errors in consumers’ credit reports. Credit report errors can come off quickly, usually after one dispute letter.

This section will provide you with an overview of the credit repair process. These steps can also be found in the downloadable chart below this section.

  1. You’ve got a new lead!
    Leads will appear in your CRC account (from your site or an affiliate). Contact them and set up a “Free Consultation & Credit Audit.”

  2. Start the free consultation
    Have them sign up for your favorite credit monitoring service to get all 3 reports and scores for $1.

    Go to to submit your affiliate application to the most popular credit monitoring services. If approved, you can earn a commission on your lead’s/client’s credit monitoring subscription.

  3. Client/lead shares login details

    Scenario 1: Log in to the lead’s credit monitoring account and copy the report source code, or simply save the login details that you will manually enter in our Import/Audit tool.

    Scenario 2: If you already converted your lead into a client and if they have completed their onboarding process through their client portal, you don’t need to manually enter login details. Our software will pull their login details so you can save lots of time and retrieve your client’s credit reports in fewer clicks.

  4. Import and run Simple Audit
    Create a credit analysis report that wows the client and shows your value, with only one click. This is your greatest sales tool ever.

  5. Convert your lead to client
    Complete your client’s profile.

  6. Client Onboarding
    Your client logs in to their portal, signs your agreement document, watches the welcome video, and uploads proof of address and photo ID pictures.

    You can customize your client’s onboarding tasks, by following the steps in this article.

  7. Review and tag the negative items in the report
    ​Our software will identify the negative items in the reports. Go over these with your client and choose a dispute reason and an instruction for each. Congratulations! You’ve now planned the entire lifecycle for this client.

  8. Run our Dispute Wizard tool
    ​Add up to five items per dispute letter, print them along with the client’s personal documents (photo ID and proof of address) and send your letters. Wait 30-45 days for a response and repeat with up to five dispute items per round.

  9. Lather, rinse & repeat
    ​If a bureau responds that an item is “verified,” challenge with a new letter. Items are often removed, and your client sees the results, is thrilled and refers their friends.

Many companies that use our software use this same workflow. Try it yourself!

Download a FREE .pdf visual guide

Click on the image below to download a PDF that will give you a visual look at each client's flow as you start to build your business.


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