Adding an Affiliate Signup Form to your Website



Adding an Affiliate Signup form to your website is a great way to boost the growth of your online credit repair business. This form will allow you to recruit potential affiliates who will earn commissions by referring clients to you. The inquiries will appear as notifications for you to follow up, with their details saved on your My Affiliates page.

An affiliate partner can be any professional who refers new leads/clients to you. Affiliates are often Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Auto Dealers, whose business depends on having clients with good credit. In this article, we’ll show you how to customize and add an Affiliate Signup form to your site.


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To start, make sure you have the following:



Access the Form Generator:

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

  2. Click on My Company


  3. Click on Website Tools


  4. Click on the Affiliate Signup Form tab


    This is where you will be able to customize and configure your affiliate signup form before adding it to your website.


Customize your Affiliate Signup Form


The sole purpose of an Affiliate Signup Form is to collect potential affiliates’ info from your website (s) for you or your team to follow up and close them as affiliates for your credit repair business

If you are trying to create a Web Lead Form instead, please check this article.


  1. Set the Height and Width for the form


  2. Select White or Transparent under Form Background

  3. Enter the Webform Custom Title

    This will be your form’s heading.

  4. Select English or Spanish under Form Language

    The Form’s preview will be always available to the right of the settings. You can also click on Revert to default values if you need to reconfigure your form from scratch.

  5. Click on Copy Code




Adding your Affiliate Signup Form to your Website

If you use our web hosting and site builder tools, you can replace the existing default form on the "Partners" page, or drag the 'Embed Code' element into any other web page (see the step-by-step below).

  1. Access your Site Builder

    For instructions to access MyCreditRepairSite Site Builder click here.

  2. Once you are in, click on Pages at the top

    Pages button

  3. Click on Partners from the options in the left menu

    Partners page button

    You will notice your site already comes with a default affiliate form that you can edit.

  4. Click anywhere within the form element

    Example of Embed code element

  5. Click on Edit Custom HTML

    Edit Custom HTML button

  6. Press Command + V (Mac) or CTRL + V (Win) to insert the code of your custom form

  7. Click out of the text box and you will see your form has been updated

    Example of affiliate signup form


Using the Embed Code element

If you want to add an affiliate signup form on different pages on your website, you can follow this process.

  1. Access your Site Builder

    For instructions to access MyCreditRepairSite Site Builder click here.

  2. Once you are in, click on Pages at the top

    Pages button

  3. Click on any page from the menu on the left where you want to add your form

  4. Click on Build at the top

    Build button

  5. Locate the Embed Code element in the left menu and drag and drop it into your page

    Embed code element

  6. Follow Steps 4-7 in the process above


How to implement this if I already own a site outside of MyCreditRepairSite?

If you have your own website and don't use our web hosting/site building tools, simply copy the code from the form generator and insert it in your website using a Custom HTML (or similar) element or send the code to your IT person or web designer for them to work with it.


If you don’t know how to add the custom code to your existing site, look for instructions on ‘Add Custom HTML code’ in your provider’s help center.



What you can do now:


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