Upgrades, Downgrades, Add-Ons and Account Changes



Changing plans and add-ons are super easy with no billing surprises.  

We want you to be our customer for a long time, and this is a relationship built on trust. That's why we've made it do-it-yourself easy and super friendly in the My Account page, where you can configure your account to fit your budget and be exactly what you need. Since upgrades and downgrades usually involve money, we strive to handle them in the most fair and transparent way and account changes are always controlled by you. Any time you remove an add-on or downgrade a plan, a credit of the difference is instantly applied to your account (see below for more details about how this works). Along the way, if you have any questions, just reach out!  We will always respond quickly and we are always eager to help! :)


Here's what you can do in the My Account page (if you're the account owner): 

  • Upgrade to a bigger plan (to include more client slots, team members and storage)
  • Downgrade your plan (if you're just starting out and don't need a big plan)
  • Add or remove additional 100-packs of client slots
  • Add or remove  add-ons like Extra Team Members or Storage
  • You can also change the master email address for your account
  • You can transfer account ownership to another Team Member
  • Change credit card and billing details


Here's how to get to the My Account page:

If you're the account owner, log in and click on MY ACCOUNT MyAccountLink


From the My Account Page, you can view usage and make all these changes to your account: My_Account_Options

Changing your plan or adding/removing add-ons:

If you click on "Change Plan" you will be at this page change_plans  

Want to see more detail of all plans and pricing?  
Visit this page: https://www.creditrepaircloud.com/pricing



Here's how Upgrades and downgrades are charged or credited when you change your plan:

  • When you add a new add-on or upgrade to a bigger plan, that difference is charged to your card pro-rated, which is always the fairest and friendly way to do this, so you are never overcharged. You're also sent an itemized receipt that explains everything and you know there was no monkey business.
  • When you remove an add-on or upgrade to your account, it's removed immediately and a credit is pro-rated and added to your Credit Repair Cloud account. This is again the fairest way to do this, so you are never overcharged and the credit is applied to your Credit Repair Cloud account. You're also sent an itemized receipt that explains everything with no monkey business.

***If you've downgraded your plan and a credit was applied to your account, you will have received an email invoice/receipt explaining this and that credit will be listed (in brackets) as applied to your account.  Most people like the credit applied to their account this way so their next bill will be smaller -- but if you'd like that pro-rated difference to be returned back to your card instead, no worries!  Just reach out and let us know.  We will be happy to assist you! 


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