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Why is my account suspended?
Updated over a week ago

In this article, we will cover the reasons why your account is suspended and how to resolve related situations.

In this article, you will learn about:

What are the reasons for account suspension?

  • Overdue balance

  • Abuse

  • Trademark/Copyright infringement (violation of DMCA)

  • Chargeback

  • Refund request from the card owner (applies when the card owner requesting the refund is different from the CRC account owner)

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a reversal of funds initiated by the cardholder with their banking institution. As soon as Credit Repair Cloud receives a chargeback notification, the account in question is suspended. The account owner will receive the chargeback notification, and services will not resume until Credit Repair Cloud receives the required documentation.

How to resolve a chargeback?

In order to reinstate your service, you are required to complete the steps below. Please note that none of the requirements contained herein are negotiable.

  1. Add a new credit/debit card to your Credit Repair Cloud account, to be used for current and future payments on your account.

    If login is blocked we may need to collect card info from you directly.

  2. Pay the total amount in dispute, plus a Credit Repair Cloud assessed $100.00 chargeback fee, per chargeback.

  3. Email the following items attached:

    • A copy of the cardholder's government-issued photo identification.

    • A signed document on your company letterhead authorizing Daniel Rosen Inc./CreditRepairCloud to collect current and future charges from the new card. Please indicate the card type and the last four digits of the card.

Once we receive your documents, we will review the information and act accordingly. All chargeback reinstatement requests are handled in the order in which they're received. Generally, if you've followed the instructions outlined above, your reinstatement request should take no more than 24 business hours for us to process.

Please note that your request will face a delay in processing if your submission lacks any of the required information. We will provide you an update concerning your account's status when we have completed the review of your request.

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