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The Batch Print feature included with your Credit Repair Cloud account will save you lots of time. This feature will organize all letters that are ready to be printed in a single PDF file. Now you can print all your letters at once without having to go to different client profiles.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


Where can I enable Batch Print?

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

  2. Click on My Company


  3. Click on Dispute Options



How do I enable/disable Batch Print?

Once you are inside the Dispute Options area, see the steps below to activate Batch Print.

  1. Click on Activate Batch Print Now


    The button will change to Deactivate Batch Print Now. Click on that whenever you want to turn it off.


  Important Note

Batch print will be available for the dispute letters created AFTER enabling this feature.


How do I batch print letters?

If you’re printing a Round 1 letter, the client’s Photo ID and Proof of Address pictures will also print (if the documents have been uploaded by the client).

  1. Click on the printer icon at the top of your screen


  2. Select the letters that you want to print from the list


  3. Click on Print selected letters

    A preview of the letters will open in a popup.


    All popup blockers must be turned off to be able to preview and print the letters.

  4. Select Round 1 letters only (this is the recommended option)


    Client ID docs are only required for Round 1.

    Additionally, you can select:

    All letters: This will print the photo ID and proof of address for all letters.

    Exclude: This will not print the photo ID and proof of address for any of the letters.

  5. Click on Open PDF (to print letters)

    You will see a warning message next.

  6. Click OK


    This will generate a PDF file for you to print and mark selected letters as printed instantly.

  7. Print the file using your preferred PDF viewer print option


Advanced letter filtering

When browsing the pending letters, there are some filters you can use to quickly locate the letters you want to include in the batch print pdf file.

Available filters:

  • Today’s Letter:

    This will show you all letters created on the current day.


  • Client Name:

    Enter your client’s name to locate their pending letters.


  • Date Range:

    This will show you all letters created between the selected date range.


  • All Round / Round 1 / Round 2 / Round 3:

    This will show either all letters regardless of the round that your client is in or letters that correspond to the selected round.

  • All / Printed / Unprinted:

    This will show either all letters or printed/unprinted letters, depending on your selection.


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