How do I add team members?



As your credit repair business grows, you will need some help handling your leads, clients, and affiliates. Credit Repair Cloud allows you to add team members and even customize their access levels.


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How do I add a new team member? - Step by step

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

  2. Click on My Company


  3. Click on My Team Members (Users)


  4. Click on + Add New Team Member


  5. Fill out the form with the team member’s information


    Additionally, you can enter the following information if needed:

    * Phone number
    * Mobile number
    * Fax number
    * Title to display in portal
    * Address
    * Photo

  6. Assign a User ID and Password



  7. Assing a Role


    You will see Admin, Credit Specialist, Processor, and Sales Representative by default, and any other custom roles that you've created.

  8. Enter the team member’s Email address

    We recommend checking the Send login information option so we can mail them their credentials.

  9. Click on Submit


  Important Note

Each team member must have a unique email address, and you can’t add them as clients using the same address. Email addresses can be edited by team members with admin permissions. What a team member can see and do depends upon the role you assign them. For more information, visit Roles & Permissions.



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