Can I delete a client's credit report items and start over?



It is possible to delete a client’s credit report items or even the entire client profile if you need to. Keep in mind we designed our software to follow a flow. Deleting report items from clients’ profiles is not part of that flow. However, you may stumble upon scenarios that require you to either delete report items or the entire client profile.


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How can I delete credit items from my client’s profile?

  Important Note

If you delete items from your client’s profile, you will not get an accurate reimport summary. We don't recommend deleting credit items from your client's profile.

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

  2. Click on Clients

  3. Click on your client’s name to open the client dashboard


  4. Click on Dispute Items


  5. Click on the down arrow next to the item you wish to delete


  6. Click on Delete


  7. Click on Continue with deletion




How can I delete a client profile from my account?

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

  2. Click on Clients

  3. Click on the down arrow next to the client you wish to delete


  4. Click on Delete

  5. Click on Delete this client



Can I change credit report providers to import from a different company?

Once you've imported the credit report for a given client, it's not possible to change the report provider.

Click here to learn everything you need to know about alternatives to changing report providers for a client.


What if my client doesn't want to pay for credit monitoring?

If a client is unwilling to pay for credit monitoring (which is necessary for credit repair), they may not be a desirable client. They also may want to avoid paying you, which can become a far more expensive problem for your business. Our recommendation is to explain to your client that credit monitoring is a critical part of credit repair.


What if my client wants me to work with a report that Credit Repair Cloud can’t import?

You can manually add dispute items from any provider, and it’s as easy as importing the reports.

Click here to learn how to use our Dispute Wizard to add credit items and create dispute letters manually.



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