Part 2: Read This Before Creating Your Website



You can have a stunning site in a matter of minutes because we have already worked with the best designers and writers to create a template for our users to create their own website simply and easily! Your website will look great on a computer, a mobile device, or anywhere else your website will be viewed.

Before you begin to customize your website, please continue to read and follow the instructions if any of the scenarios below apply to you:

Is your email with another provider?

You will have a few extra steps to complete before hosting your site with us so that your email can continue to function. Before you make any changes to your domain, your existing MX records must be updated within your web hosting account. To learn more about that, please click here

Updating domain nameservers: For Domains outside of

Your new site WILL NOT publish or work until you have completed the steps to “change nameserver settings” for your domain at the company where you registered your domain. For more information, please click here

You’re not a web designer?

Then it is important that you DO NOT try to re-design the template, pull things apart, move sections around or delete parts of the template. That will be a disaster. This template is already designed and already awesome. It is designed to be “responsive” and look amazing on all computers and mobile devices.” But if you start trying to delete important parts or pull it all apart, or make drastic changes, you will break it, and it will look terrible.

The sitebuilder doesn’t have an “undo” button 

So please go slow and cautiously. Only make tiny steps at first: add your company name, basic info, testimonials, web lead form (from CRC) and click publish, and you will have an awesome site instantly that everyone will love. But if you try to change the template drastically it will start to look like the Frankenstein monster. So please be slow and careful and don’t delete anything.

Need to reset your site? 

There are times where our inspiration takes us further than we wanted and we may want to start fresh. If you find yourself ever needing to start from 0 or need to choose a different theme and start anew, please feel free to click here.

These sites are self-service

We are not a web design company. Web designers charge hundreds and thousands of dollars. We cannot make web design changes by request (“move this, add this, fix my logo, etc”). The template is set, follow the steps and videos in the following articles and make minimal changes, and you will continue to have an awesome site. 

Not a Credit Repair Cloud user?

No worries! You don’t have to be a Credit Repair Cloud user to use our web hosting. 

What Is a Template Site?

It’s a pre-designed site that is already awesome and has all the important pages and text already written, so; your merchant account can get approved and your clients will understand what you do and how to sign up. It’s a simple way to have a fantastic site in minutes without hiring a web designer. It’s not a custom site that you can move everything around because it’s a “fixed template” that will always look awesome (unless you make drastic changes).

You can change the text and the main image very easily (see steps below). We spent thousands of dollars to hire the best designers, so your site is already complete when you start. It doesn’t need any “fixing.” Just add your company name and minimal details. Go slow.


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