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The Client Onboarding feature within Credit Repair Cloud will save you lots of time when bringing in a new client, allowing you to scale your client processing as you grow. One of the big advantages of this feature is that your clients can go through the Onboarding tasks using their mobile device.

We’ve made it possible for you to customize the order of the client onboarding tasks, completion message, as well as remove the default tasks if needed. In this article, we’ll guide you through enabling and customizing this feature.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


How can I enable Client Onboarding?

  Important Note:

Client Onboarding is on by default. The steps below will guide you through turning it back on if you have disabled it from its default status.

    1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

    2. Click on My Company


    3. Click on Client/Affiliate Portal

    4. Click on Client Onboarding & Tasks


    5. Select Turn Client Onboarding On


What are the available pre-set tasks?

There are seven client onboarding pre-set tasks available. As mentioned previously, a great pro for your clients is that they can complete these using their mobile device.


  • Welcome Step

    This step includes a welcome message/video for your clients. We recommend you to keep this task at the top of the order.

  • Signup for Credit Hero Score and Share Login Details

    We highly recommend enabling this as a default task for your onboarding process so your clients can take advantage of a new credit monitoring solution, Credit Hero Score (CHS). Additionally, you can earn commissions by joining the affiliate program and referring clients to CHS. When adding this as a default task, the two following tasks will be removed from the onboarding process.

  • Order Credit Reports & Scores

    This task is the alternative if you decide not to promote Credit Hero Score. When adding this as a default task, your client can get credit reports & scores from all three bureaus for a $1 trial of credit monitoring.

  • Request Credit Monitoring Login Details

    In this step, your clients must provide you with the login details for their preferred credit monitoring service (when the Signup for Credit Hero Score task is not added).

  • Setup Digital Signature

    In this step, your client must enter their full name as it should appear in their signature.

  • Upload Photo ID

    In this step, your clients will be able to upload their Photo ID, which you will need for the Round 1 letter.

  • Upload Proof of Address

    In this step, your clients will be able to upload their Proof of Address, which you will need for the Round 1 letter.


What can I edit for each task and how?

Follow the steps below to edit the default text/details for the onboarding tasks:

  1. Click on My Company


  2. Click on Client/Affiliate Portal

  3. Click on Client Onboarding & Tasks


  4. Locate the Available Pre-set Tasks section


  5. Click on the pencil icon to the right of each task to edit

  6. Once you are done editing a given task, click on Save



What can I edit for each Onboarding task?

Depending on the task, there are a few different attributes that can be edited:

  • Welcome Step
    • Title: This would be the task’s title.
    • Body Text: You can use this text to briefly explain the purpose of the task to your client.
    • Enable or disable welcome video


  • Order Credit Reports & Scores

    • Title
    • Body Text
    • Additional text
    • Primary Report Provider: Select the credit monitoring service provider that you want your clients to use. (We highly recommend using Credit Hero Score)
    • Edit Report Provider Link: In this area, you can add your affiliate link for the credit monitoring service. 
    • Backup Report Provider: You can enable or disable the backup report provider. This is useful in case your client can’t sign up for the primary option.


For the rest of the tasks (signup for Credit Hero Score and share login detail, setup digital signature, request credit monitoring login details, upload photo ID, upload proof of address) you can only edit the task’s title and/or body text.

  • Onboarding Completion Message

    The Onboarding Completion Message doesn’t represent a task for your client. This message will show when your client completes the onboarding tasks. You can edit and preview the completion message as needed.



How can I re-sort the default order of the onboarding tasks?

Follow the steps below to re-sort the order of the onboarding tasks. This is an optional process as the default order is already perfect for your clients to go through.

  1. Click on My Company


  2. Click on Client/Affiliate Portal

  3. Click on Client Onboarding & Tasks


  4. Click on Edit Default Tasks


  5. Drag and drop the tasks to the desired position

    The task at the top will be the first step shown to your clients when starting their onboarding.

    Once you are done resorting the tasks, click on the ‘X’ to the top right.

    If for any reason you need to go back to the default order, click on Reset onboarding tasks to default tasks and order.


    You can also delete/remove tasks if needed, by clicking on the trash can icon.



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