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If you ever need to change your credit repair services pricing or if you want to offer different pricing packages to your clients, you will find this helpful. The client agreement document that needs to be signed by every client, clearly states how your client will be billed for your credit repair services. It’s important to reflect any changes to your pricing plans in the agreements of your new clients.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


Where can I find my client agreements?

This area will display all the agreements that can be assigned to clients* when creating their client profile.

  Important Note:

*Portal access must be turned on for a new client before you can assign an agreement to them. 

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account

  2. Click on My Company at the top or go to


  3. Click on Client Agreement


    Here, you will find the full list of client agreements.

    List of client agreements

How do I edit the pricing section within an agreement?

Once you are in the Client Agreement section within the My Company tab, follow the steps below to locate and edit the pricing section of a client agreement.

  Important Note:

The pricing section in your client agreement document must be set before assigning a given agreement to a new client.

    1. Click on the agreement’s name or the pencil icon

      Client agreement name and edit icon

    2. Scroll through the document’s text and locate the section that reads “In exchange, I, {CLIENT NAME}, agree to pay the following fees as outlined in the following fee schedule:


    3. Type in the amounts that you will charge your clients as needed

      For example:

      1.- $99 At signup for document processing

      2.- $99 At the start of each new month of service.

    4. Select whether the agreement will be the default agreement or not


    5. Click on Submit to save changes


Will this change affect the agreements already signed by my existing clients?

No. Any new changes to your master agreement(s) will not affect the agreements you've already saved to client profiles.


How can I create a new agreement? (How can I have different plans to charge my clients?)

By creating additional agreements, you are able to offer different pricing plans to your clients.

Once you are in the Client Agreement section within the My Company tab, follow the steps below to create a new agreement and add the default text to it.

  1. Click on Add New Agreement


  2. Enter an Agreement name


  3. (Optional, please read the Disclaimer below) Click on Add Original Default Agreement text


  4. Edit and modify the pricing section and the text in any way you need

  5. Select whether the agreement will be the default agreement or not


  6. Click on Submit to save changes


    We have provided the default text for your client agreement as a starting point. It covers the basic elements required under the Credit Repair Organizations Act. You should edit and modify it any way you like, fill in the placeholders with your own information, and add your pricing, terms, etc. Be sure to add in any extra disclosures and requirements that may be required for your specific state. You can research the various rules and regulations for all US states here You can also review your agreement with your attorney or state regulator for feedback. Seeking legal advice from an attorney in your state is always recommended. The information here is for educational and informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice, nor does it substitute for legal advice. Persons seeking legal advice should consult with legal counsel familiar with their particular situation as laws vary.


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