What is CloudMail?



CloudMail is one of our newest features. CloudMail makes letter printing, mailing, and tracking incredibly easy. No more printing, folding, stuffing, post office trips, and printer ink.


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What is CloudMail?

CloudMail is a pay-as-you-go service that automates your dispute letters' printing and mailing process. Instead of you having to print, fold, stuff, and drop the letters at the post office, CloudMail will handle all these steps for you.


What are the benefits of using CloudMail?

  • Print & Mail with 1-Click 

    No more printing, folding, stuffing, post office trips, and printer ink!

  • Letter Tracking 

    Track the status of your mail in real-time.* 
    (*Subject to the chosen mail class)

  • Faster Delivery to bureaus/creditors 

    Mail is routed to the closest print center across 13 facilities in the USA.

  • Customize Everything 

    Adjust Mail Class (1st class or Certified), color, print single/double-sided, and more.

  • Address Verification 

    Every address is verified for deliverability, so you can be confident that your letter will be delivered.

  • Zero Lost Mail

    If a letter runs into issues, we'll notify you. We can even help re-send them to a new address with 1-Click!

  • Secure Sending

    We have partnered with Lob, an industry-leading letter sending provider trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

  • Batch Print Ready

    Send all ready-to-print letters in 1-Click.

  • Huge Savings!

    Send everything in 1-Click for less than it costs for an employee to prepare and stuff envelopes.


How much does CloudMail cost?

The cost of printing and mailing letters through CloudMail depends on several options that you can adjust as needed, such as service type (first-class or certified), color / black&white, number of pages, among others. CloudMail is a pay-as-you-go service that starts at $0.80 per letter. Click here to learn more about CloudMail's pricing.


How do I enable CloudMail in my CRC account?

To enable CloudMail in your Credit Repair Cloud account, all you need to do is add funds to your CloudMail balance.


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