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Our Import tool will allow you to import your clients’ credit reports in a seamless way. To do this, your clients need to share their credit monitoring login details with you during their onboarding process (recommended) or via any other method you prefer. Our Import feature has replaced our manual system of copying source code, so this will save you tons of time.


In this article, you will learn about:


To start, make sure you have the following:


  Before you start

We highly recommend that you have your client complete their “Client Onboarding” so they can signup for the credit monitoring and add their client login details. For a detailed walkthrough, please visit our article on client onboarding.


How do I use the Import tool?

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud Account

  2. Go to or click on Clients


  3. Click on your client’s name to open their dashboard


  4. Click on the Import/Audit button


  5. Click on Import Credit Report Now


    Scenario A: If your client hasn’t entered their credit monitoring access details, you will see the following screen where you would need to enter the information manually:



    * Choose Support Provider: Select your client’s credit report provider.
    * Username: Enter your client’s username.
    * Password: Enter your client’s password.
    * (Optional) Phone: Enter your client’s phone number.
    * Last four digits of SSN: Some report providers will tie the login credentials with the last four digits of the client’s SSN. Enter the digits that your client shares with you.
    * Security Word: Some other report providers will tie the client’s account with a security word. Enter the security word that your client shares with you.
    * Audit Template: Select a template for the client’s report audit

    Scenario B: If your client has completed their onboarding process and provided you with their credit monitoring access details, you will see the following screen instead:


  6. Click on the Import & Run Simple Audit button

    If you do not wish to run a simple audit, you can click on I Don't Need an Audit, Just Import. However, we highly recommend running the Simple Audit, as it is a great tool for you to guide your client through their current credit situation.

  7. Next, scroll down, and you’ll be able to choose between Email Audit to Client, Print, or generate a PDF file to share with your client


  8. Click on the Next button

    You have successfully imported a credit report for your client. Now, you need to tag the negative items using our Wizard so you can start generating your client’s dispute letters.



  Important Note

Please note that we are not affiliated with the credit report providers. We cannot assist with issues related to your client's credit monitoring account. These tools only work if your client's monitoring account is "active" and the account login details on file match exactly what your client has created (they are case-sensitive).



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