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Generating invoices is essential when implementing a pay-per-delete billing plan or when you need to bill a client for any other one-time charges.


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To start, make sure you have the following:


How can I create an invoice?

  1. Log in to your Credit Repair Cloud account.

  2. Click on Billing & Payments.

    bap 001.png

  3. Click on Invoices & Payments.

    ci 001.png

  4. Click on Create Invoice.

    ci 002.png

  5. Fill out the Invoice Details.

    ci 003.png

    - Billing Platform: Select CRC Billing if you will charge them via Credit Repair Cloud, or N/A if you will collect their payment via a different method.

  6. Search and select the Invoice Item.

    ci 004.png

    If the item doesn’t exist, you can create it from this menu. To create an invoice item, type the item’s name, click on it, and enter its price. Click on the icon under Save Item if needed.

    ci 005.png

  7. Select Payment Method (On-File) or Immediate 1-Time Payment.

    ci 007.png

    Payment Method (On-File) to charge your client’s saved card on the set due date.

    Immediate 1-Time Payment to immediately charge a different card.

  8. Click on Create Invoice.

    ci 008.png
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